Thursday, July 25, 2019

Not Only Pretty Moms, But Also Dazzling Daddies

When you think of makeovers one usually conjures up images of women at the beauty salon or undergoing plastic surgeries. But gone are the days when only women pamper themselves for well-toned bodies and overall appearances. 

Mommy makeover has now been invaded by males who are demanding daddy makeover. Thanks to the world of fashion and the Internet, today’s males are discovering body enhancing procedures to help them achieve the look they want.  

Itemizing the Daddy Makeover Procedures:

The daddy makeover is becoming popular in many countries with specialized plastic surgery centers. 
The options are available for a daddy makeover range from face to the entire body. 

  • Male rhinoplasty: for a tone it up or removal of any deformities due to injury. 
  • Chest and breast surgery: removal of excess fat for a flat looking chest. 
  • Male liposuction:  removal of unnecessary fat deposits from various body parts. 
  • Tummy tuck surgery:  gives a perfect shape to the abdomen by removing fat, tightening up the muscles.  

Other options in a daddy makeover can include hair transplant clinics, skin treatment (for fairer skin tone), and exclusive male parlors. 

The types of treatments and available for a daddy makeover are increasing at a rapid pace as they become more accessible, and accepted. 

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